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I "DO" and I UNDERSTAND: All those belly bands and wires matter. How do they get on there? How long does it take to put them in place? What has to happen first? How heavy IS a "mom"? And what happens when "mom" needs to use the bathroom?

Faculty DYI Active Learning: The Ohio Northern University "Polar Bear" Nursing Faculty enjoy their HESS "lunch & learn". You don't need to be a Simulation professional to use the HESS. Faculty can integrate Active Learning Critical Thinking elements into their own Nursing Education instruction.

Not Just For Sim and Active Learning Exercises: The portable HESS can be displayed on a projector, smart board or monitor. The HESS can easily move between the sim lab and the classroom as a strong visual instructional aid.

A Busy Day For Student Nurses: The HESS Fetal & Care Monitors enable a simulated Labor & Delivery room - plus a simulated NICU down the hall to handle complications. The affordable portable HESS is proud to be part of nursing simulation & education at its best!

A Cardiac Exercise: The HESS is used portably on the floor of a Westerville Fire Department station in a Cardiac oriented Afib scenario. Cardiac exercises are well supported by the HESS EKG Device app. (Now THAT's a low fidelity manikin!)

Flipping The Classroom: The HESS is used at Kent State Geauga to "flip the classroom" in the Foundations of Nursing course.

An Assessment Exercise: The HESS handheld Glucometer checking a manikin's Blood Sugar. How else can you do THAT with a manikin or standardized patient? (and by the way, the Blood Sugar was a bit what do you conclude?)

A Respiratory Exercise: The HESS devices are used as bedside IV pole mounted devices in a Respiratory oriented exercise. HESS device units can all be pole or equipment mounted with the HESS tablet bracket. Respiratory exercises are well supported by the HESS Capnography Device app.

The Patient's Vitals Are Changed: The HESS Instructor App is used to change the patient vitals during the course of an Active Learning exercise to evaluate the team's response. You can create, save and share full multi-stage, multi device scenarios with the HESS.

Education In Practice: The HESS is used at MercyHealth for Rapid Response Nursing Education for newly hired nurses. The HESS enables Active Learning Critical Thinking Nursing Education anywhere - at any level of nursing - in school or in practice.

An OB Exercise: The HESS Fetal Monitor at the bedside puts the instructor "mom" into labor. "Yes, this means your baby's doing fine."

An Assessment Exercise: The HESS handheld PulseOx and Thermometer are used to check a manikin's blood oxygenation and body temperature. How else can you do THAT with a manikin or standardized patient?

The Original: Otterbein's Stephanie Justice demonstrates the original prototype "False Ox" device (The fake Pulse Ox). The original concept and benefits of "faking the equipment" haven't changed, but the HESS itself has come a long way since then.




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