This Innovation Changes Everything

Easy To Use Tools To Enable Active Learning Critical Thinking Nursing Education

The Affordable Portable HESS.....The Healthcare Education Simulation Station
Affordable to Everyone, Usable by Anyone....The Way It Was Meant To Be


Unleash Your Nursing Education Superpowers!


A cleverly innovative approach to
active learning Nursing Education

Easy to use and easy to create
challenging Nursing Education scenarios

Simple and portable delivery
of engaging Nursing Education

A low cost way to conduct high fidelity
hands-on Nursing Education anywhere




The Equipment Simulation Approach To Active Learning:

The Otterbein University Innovation
Ways The HESS Is Being Used
Thoughts From A Nursing Education And Simulation Professional
A Fetal Monitor Equipment Simulator In A Labor Induction Active Learning Exercise
A Hospital Rapid Response Active Learning Exercise
Sharing The Otterbein HESS Innovation With The World!

What The Studies Are Concluding About Active Learning Technology:

Millennial Generation Student Nurses Perceptions Of Education Technology
Active Learning Impact On Nursing Competency
Effectiveness Of Simulation And Clinical Experiences
Manikin Cost Vs Effectiveness
Enough With The Lectures, Already

Active Learning Nursing Education Resources:

Simulation Innovation and Resource Center (NLN SIRC)
Simulation Resources For Educators (INACSL)
Healthcare Simulation Professional Certification (SSH)
SIM-one/Canadian Network for Simulation in Healthcare (SIM-one/CNSH)


The HESS contains everything you need to conduct easy, affordable, portable and effective high-fidelity active learning, critical thinking Nursing Education exercises:

- involving Assessment, Cardiac, Respiratory, OB and many other issues.
- at any level of Nursing Education.
- using your choice of manikins, simulators, skill/task trainers or standardized patients.



HESS Costs:

1. The HESS Instructor App costs $49 per month (or just $588 per year). This includes the license to run the HESS Instructor app and a FREE Android tablet on which to run it. The costs include a training session as well as app updates, access to the HESS online portal and ongoing support. We will even adjust the billing cycle to match your fiscal year.

2. HESS Device Apps are FREE to use - apps such as the Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, BP Monitor, Glucometer, Doppler Ultrasound, Capnometer, EKG Monitor, Care Monitor or Fetal Monitor. As standard Device apps are added to the HESS in the future, they will be made available to use FREE as part of the HESS Instructor app license.

3. HESSThingZ - Initial HESS Equipment costs. The HESS equipment consists of i) the Android tablets needed to run the Device apps, ii) cables that are used with the Device apps - such as the finger clip for the Pulse Oximeter, and iii) a carrying case. The equipment costs depend on the current market costs of the Android tablets, cases, etc. We basically charge you what we have to pay for the equipment. You can choose the specific equipment that you need - based on the active learning exercises you desire to run - so the equipment costs will vary. For planning purposes you should expect, in most situations, for the one time Initial HESS Equipment costs to be between $250 and $600 depending on the current market costs and on what you need. We can provide you with a quote that will reflect the exact equipment costs.


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