Healthcare Education Simulation Station
A simulation based hands on approach to more effective EMS Training
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I hear and forget. I see and remember. I DO and UNDERSTAND. - Confucius

We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training. - Archilochus



Benefits:  An advanced sim a box!
  • No Sim Center needed - run Sim portably anywhere
  • No Sim Professional needed - anyone can create and run a simulation
  • Train your own department - at your own location - on your own schedule
  • Create your own simulations - based on real EMS experiences & real EMS runs
  • Enables "hands on" elements to be easily added to EMS training
  • Perfect for enhancing and strengthening Megacode training
  • Challenges EMS learners by requiring discovery and critical thinking
  • Keeps EMS training fast paced and engaging - even for experienced professionals
  • Increases individual repetition and reduces "group training" standing & watching
  • Safe for use with both actors and any level of manikin
  • Allows sharing of Sim Scenarios with other users & departments via the cloud
  • Primary EKG waveforms
  • Primary Capnography waveforms
  • Primary vitals (BT, BP, HR, RR) - plus SPO2 and ETCO2
  • EKG, PulseOx, Thermometer, BP and Capnometer simulator apps
  • Easily create, save and share your own custom multi-stage Scenarios
  • Remote transmission of vitals to units without instructor verbalization
  • Automatic unit "trending" functionality
  • Advanced options include Arrhythmias, Transition Smoothing, Variable Capnometer and EKG Waveforms
  • Cloud interface for backup and sharing of Scenarios
  • Self contained - no WiFi required to run a Simulation

Each Healthcare Education Simulation Station (HESS) includes:
  • 4 Android Device Simulator Tablets
  • 1 Android Instructor Control Tablet
  • Pulse Oximeter Finger Clip
  • Thermometer Probe
  • Capnometer Nasal Cannula and ET Tube Adapter
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • EKG Leads
  • Carrying Case

  • Each HESS station includes 4 tablets - plus 1 instructor tablet - and all device accessories
  • HESS App upgrades - cloud downloadable to the instructor and simulator device tablets
  • Free access to Simulation Scenarios shared by the HESS user community
  • Free user and technical support

  • Initial One Time Equipment and Startup Cost: $499
  • Monthly Cost: $49